Watch this space

After more than 25 years of reporting and column writing in Orange County, Randy Youngman soon will launch a blog you’ll need to bookmark. Stay tuned.

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3 Responses to Watch this space

  1. Mark St. Onge says:

    Randy, miss your column already! Cant believe the idiots at the OCR are that stupid as to get rid of their best sports columnist. I have been reading the OCR since 1972 and this really pisses me off! I would just like to say its like losing an old friend, as I always looked forward to your column. Now I get stuck with wicker and co. UNBELIEVABLE!!! Take care and good luck.

  2. Tim " Coach Mes" Mesenhimer says:

    Randy, miss your column. After coaching HS in OC for over 30 years, I thought the OC Reg. was a good paper and your column was one of the best parts of the sports page. I hope you find another place to continue writing. Looking forward to this space to grow and improve.

  3. Marla Ford says:

    Randy: my husband, Scott, and I enjoyed playing pickin’ n grinnin’ against you and the guest prognosticator – any chance you’ll start this up again in your second life?

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